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Today, Jalopnik joins Cink, and Spanish Gizmodo, on our kinja platform. Beyond the obvious design updates, there are quite a few changes under the hood, as well as the introduction of numerous features that come with being on the kinja platform.

This is our news platform. Everything available to our writers is also available to you. This does not mean you can add content to Jalopnik — at least not directly — but you can add content to your own blog. You'll find the ability to create a new post in the toolbar above, assuming you are logged in. If you're not ready to go that deep, you can still add to the discussion on any post on kinja (by clicking the discuss button to the lower right of every post), like them, or simply spend your time reading our content. You'll find your contribution to discussion on your blog as well.


Why now? We're ready. We've discussed, and previewed it, as well as launched other sites on the platform. We've made tremendous progress by opening up the platform to feedback, and the time is right to expand the number of people using it. We could have spent more time fiddling with details, arguing features, or telling ourselves all the reasons we shouldn't do it until [pick a feature] is just right, but that process would never end. One thing is certain, when building product there is nothing like putting it in front of people to get one's priorities straight. Kinja is ready to be vetted in public. Finally, we like the platform, and everything it makes possible. There is still quite a bit of work to do (is it ever done?), but the next steps can be taken in public.

We welcome your feedback! Use the discuss link below right to share your thoughts. 

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