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Last week I attended the Craft Conference in Budapest with 9 others engineers from Kinja. It was a really good conference about Software Crafting, with great surrounding, organisation and talks. The organisation had four different type of rooms which allowed you to go to the talk which is the most interesting for you.

Vakert Bazar in the Danube River side

I do not want to talk about all the talks I have been, but instead focused on one which I preferred the most.


Alf Rehn: How to save the innovation from itself?

The talk was the last one on the first day. I almost wanted to leave but decided to stay as soon as I heard the presented saying a few words. Alf Rehn is a university professor from Finland. Alf is an extremely good presenter and the talk was also very much inspiring. With his speaking talent, Ralf was talking about a very interesting topic:”Innovation”

Part of his job is to go to company and to help them “Innovating”. We all know the sentence “Innovate or Die” so certain company feel that they are forced to find some innovative things if they want to stay alive. Have a look at the video on USTREAM if you didn’t have a change to watch it.


In a very sarcastic way, Alf explain how all of this is bullshit. How we are using so much talent, research, expertise, time, energy, money to create Bullshit product like NEO the SmartJar for example. Something completely useless, that nobody need, just because we feel we have to innovate. He mentioned several other example like a gift box which can call the sender on phone when the gift is open, or how many photo sharing platform do we develop and implement every day.


On the other hand, as most of these company are based in California or Silicon Valley, such a few of them are actually spending innovation time, money, resources on real problems. Like anger, water supply issues in California for example. From Alf point of view, this is where the company need to put their effort and money, this is where we need a lot of innovation.

The talk was very much inspiring me, for the topic to the way it was presented. I’m glad I stayed with feri on that last talk. Thank you Alf for the show, which ended up in a semi standing ovation actually. After this, let’s think about what can we do better, using our skills to innovate in a proper manner, changing the world maybe, to build something which has really a sense for people on this planet.


As a small bonus, I attach a small infographic I found doing a bit of research of Alf Rehn, related to the topic.

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