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We like frameworks here at Gawker. They save time, reuse code, and generally make life easier. When we built Kinja, we chose Foundation by Zurb to bring our new platform to market with speed and stability. We've been running v3.2.2 for coming up on a year now and it's been pretty great experience overall.

We were excited to see what Zurb had in store for version 4, but when it was released in February earlier this year we had something keeping us busy. Since then we've found a bit more time to check it out and it's looking better than ever.


I put together a reveal.js presentation to share some highlights, and now I'd like to share it with you.

Head on over to… and check it out!

Props to the Foundation team over at Zurb for their hard work and open minds, LukeW for writing the actual book on Mobile First, and Hakim El Hattab for the presentation framework.

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