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Budapest.scala - recap

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Our very own Balazs Keki and Tamas Neltz were talking about Kinja's switch from PHP to Scala/Play at recent Budapest.scala meetups. The video streams, for those who speak Hungarian, can be found here and here


Main takeaways:

  • FP was the main driving force
  • Picking up Scala was surprisingly easy
  • Play being a full stack framework was very helpful
  • Play's dev console made all the difference
  • Bundling assets is useful but the jar storage imposed some limitations
  • Originally, 3rd party libs were all scala but these days the preference is less clear
  • certain packages in the standard lib best to be avoided (scala.xml, etc.)
  • Wrapping mature Java libs Just Works
  • Existing monitoring solutions are all Java based and Scala stack traces can be hard to digest

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