Here's what we pushed out this week!


  • Rolled out a new login / sign up modal
  • Fixed submitting a second search in the search field
  • Fixed width issue for the author big board


  • Fixed the temporary fix for Youtube video thumbnails not being pulled

Publishing System

  • Improved flush cache messaging
  • Added support for Spike TV embeds
  • Fixed duplicate creation of posts issue
  • Small fix for functionality (to support live blog archives)
  • Fixed parsing Youtube videos - support for param
  • Log in prompt now displayed when previewing a post and editor is not logged in

HD View

  • Fixed various post styling issues
  • Clicking on thumb loads image in media area
  • Normal site call out moved to left of window
  • Post date fixed on permalinks
  • FB like shows on every post
  • Only show related stories that are older that the story being viewed
  • Display "showcase" posts in the media tray
  • Feedback text added at the end of every post: "What do you think of the HD view? Let us know at""
  • Plus icons added to thumbs in posts


  • Added the ability to see comment threading changes on live sites
  • Various comment threading changes (hidden on site)
  • Removed empty div added at end of comments

Tech Blog

  • Related stories are only from tech blog, not other sites