Tales From the #Flock

We've surpassed the age of "mobile first" and entered that of "mobile best," or at least this was the buzzy mantra of choice at New York's stop on the traveling #TwitterFlock tour. Kickstarting our iOS training efforts, Diego, Casey and I attended Twitter's conference to learn more about their new mobile toolset,


What would happen if I opened someone's Kinja in my browser, and started to click the follow / unfollow button in rapid succession? What if I opened the same page in another tab, and somehow did the same thing there too? Can I actually expect the displayed follower count or follower list to show the same values in…

Swiping Right Feels Alright

This past Thanksgiving week, the tech and product team at Gawker got to spend a few days hacking before the holidays. My team — Stephen Kao, Robin Stice and Ali Philippides — collaborated on a content discovery prototype modeled off of the wildly popular dating app, Tinder. Let us introduce you to, Kindr.