CraftConf: Lessons from Facebook's PHP Codebase

We have switched from PHP to Scala just recently because we found PHP was lacking a bunch of features we needed. I was not paying much attention to the trends in the PHP world since, so I was very curious how Facebook manages to go on with PHP without all those shiny toys we were missing. They don't. They created the » 4/24/14 10:01am Today 10:01am

CraftConf: The SCRUM and willpower: how to boost your productivity

Well, this title was a bit misleading to me first, when Anna Obukhova jumped right into how the brain works and what you need to have constant willpower (sugar and more importantly: lysine, a lot). But eventually we circled back to what these mean to people, and how these biological findings could be used in optimizing … » 4/24/14 7:12am Today 7:12am

What should the average JS ninja know about upcoming JavaScript and…

After the compulsory 5-minute struggle to try and get a Macintosh hooked up to a projector which under international law must happen at least once every conference, Daniel Steigerwald brought out a sort of State of the Union Address on the state of upcoming JS- and browser features. In short, the future's bright and… » 2/14/14 3:18am 2/14/14 3:18am